The Body at C.O.D.

1Stone is partnering with several other campus ministries at the College of DuPage to have a joint worship time this Thursday from 1 to 3 pm.

Please pray that this time of worship will glorify God as His people come together to praise Him.  Pray that followers of Jesus will be encouraged by the fellowship.  Pray that each individual ministry will seek to cooperate with the others and strengthen God’s kingdom.  Ask God to bring revival and a renewed vision for ministry at COD to His followers.  Pray that the unity of believers will be a powerful testimony to the campus.

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One thought on “The Body at C.O.D.

  1. Thanks for praying! The joint worship time was encouraging. Most of the campus ministries participated. People appreciated the time to pray together with brothers and sisters they hadn’t met before. They also agreed to have lunch together today to continue to build relationships. May the believers at COD be strengthened so that others will encounter the Living God.

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