The Cloud of Witnesses (Day 2)

Without the movement of God in the Incarnation of Christ, there is no salvation. So it is not a coincidence that the movement of people can be found throughout the history of salvation.

In the first chapter of Genesis, the Lord commands His creation to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and the seas. In Revelation, John shares what the Lord showed him during his exile on Patmos – among other things, a great multitude “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” gathered in worship before the Lamb. In the Scriptures between, we learn of how the Lord worked through people on the move like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Rahab, David, Daniel, Esther, Mary, Paul, Lydia – too many to list.

The good news of God’s Kingdom has spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, from Antarctica to the Aleutian Islands. Countless brothers and sisters have gone forth to proclaim Christ, emptying themselves – whether in a life of service or by a martyr’s death – so that Christ may be exalted in all the world. We give thanks for those who have chosen or made use of living in diaspora so that the story of salvation may be told among all peoples.



(Please see Ephesians 1:15-23.) Father of glory, we give thanks for our missionary brothers and sisters, both in the past and present. We thank You for their faith in the Lord Jesus and their love toward the Body. Give those who are serving now a spirit of wisdom. Bring more light into their hearts so that they may better know You, their hope, their riches and Your power. Your power, which raised Jesus from the dead and seated him in the heavenly places, is the power at work in their lives. As our brothers and sisters oppose the works of the enemy, give them victory through the authority of Jesus, forever the name above every other name.

Ask God how else to pray.



Send a note of encouragement to a missionary you know. Please use appropriate wording for those who are not publicly known as missionaries.

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