The End of the Nevus??



Isaac the Nevus of Ota, TIBM’s 1991 15-passenger van, has served us well since it was donated to us almost four years ago.  The Nevus has provided transportation to English classes, youth group, discipleship classes, worship services, training sessions and special events for people from the States, Burma, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and so on.

The Nevus is currently stuck in a parking lot, possibly with a broken alternator.  We hope to be able to fix it but if not, we will probably donate it to another organization.

Please ask God to provide someone who can accurately diagnose why the Nevus will not run.  Pray that if it is the alternator, we would be able to change it ourselves with a short amount of work.

Please pray that the Lord will provide us with a much more reliable van to make it easier for people from many different nations to encounter the good news of Christ through the ministry of His children.

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