The God of everywhere

One of the difficulties facing many diaspora families is that extended families may live across an ocean.  When an elderly relative’s health declines, there may not be any way to make the trip to visit or to even call on the phone.  So we praise God that we can bring these precious people before Him in prayer.  No matter where we live or where they live, the Lord is there.

Please pray for A & B’s grandmother who lives in Ethiopia.  She does not yet know Jesus personally and has been at times hostile to learning about Him.  She also has difficulty hearing.  Most of her family members who live close to her also do not know Jesus.  Please pray for this grandmother to accept God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  Ask the Lord to appear to her in dreams and visions.  Pray that some follower of Jesus will be able to communicate truth to her and that her ears and heart will be opened.  Pray for A & B to trust the Lord and find comfort in Him.

Please also pray for Eh Wah’s father living in Burma.  He and his whole family follow Jesus.  He fainted about a month ago and stopped being responsive a couple weeks ago.  His village is quite far from any hospital.  Ask God to relieve his suffering and bring comfort.  Pray for Eh Wah and her father to be assured of their love for each other and their reunion someday in heaven.

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  1. Eh Wah learned today that her father has passed away. She is thankful that he is no longer feeling any pain or suffering. Please continue to pray for her & her scattered family members.

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