The Good News for Very Young Lives and Their Families

Today we ask you to pray for a specific family and for a specific organization.

Please ask God to heal Eh Shun and Thun Tun’s baby boy, Jonathan.  We’ve asked for prayer for this baby before and for this family before that when their baby boy David was born and struggled to live.  After three weeks, David passed away.  Jonathan is about five months old and, while his health is okay overall, one of his kidneys does not seem to be functioning properly.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) the doctors will perform a test on Jonathan’s kidney.  Please pray that Jonathan will keep calm enough during the procedure so that he will not have to be sedated and that everything — getting to the hospital, finding the vein, etc. — will go smoothly.  Ask God to give wisdom to the medical team.  Pray that the Lord will heal this kidney.  Pray that He will strengthen Eh Shun and Thun Tun’s trust in Him and help them to not be afraid.

While baby David was at the hospital, TIBM witnessed some of the unique challenges faced by parents with children in the NICU.  These families face immense physical, emotional, financial and spiritual strains.  Whatever their religious backgrounds may be, they need to experience and hear good news.

So please ask God to use Eli’s Hope, a non-profit organization founded by TIBM’s friends Jeromy and Jessica Guthrie, to bring the hope and wholeness of Jesus Christ to families of all nations.  Jessica relates how their own experience, by God’s grace, led them to start this non-profit.  Motivated by the love of Christ, Eli’s Hope at partnered hospitals provides gift bags, organizes support activities, and offers assistance to families in other practical ways.  When volunteers with Eli’s Hope pray for families, may the Lord bring healing to what is broken.  Please pray that a major fundraising event on Sept. 20 in Chicago will be helpful financially to Eli’s Hope but also deeply encouraging to the parents of premature babies.

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3 thoughts on “The Good News for Very Young Lives and Their Families

  1. Jonathan has a rescheduled appointment tomorrow morning (Wednesday) for this test. He does not need to fast this time, so we are hopeful that he will be in a better mood and that his veins will be easier to find. Please pray that the test will go smoothly and that the Lord will heal the kidney soon!

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