The Magi (Day 8)

(Please see Matthew 2:1-18)

“Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.”

Among the first, if not the first, people to recognize and worship Jesus as King were the Magi, the wise men from the east. We do not know for sure who they were, where exactly they came from or how they connected the star to the birth of a king.

The wise men’s search for the child king caused a commotion throughout Jerusalem, where they had assumed the child would be. Although the earthly ruler Herod and the religious leaders had not previously discerned that the Messiah had come, Herod understood the Magi’s question to be about the Messiah. The religious leaders knew the prophecy — that out of Bethlehem “shall come a ruler who will shepherd my people” – but failed to act upon their knowledge.

On their way to Bethlehem, the star guided the wise men to the place where Jesus was. They “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” and entered the home to worship Jesus and present their gifts fit for a king. After a warning in a dream to avoid the jealous Herod, the wise men returned to their country by a different way.



King of kings, open our eyes to notice Your activity around us. Remove any indifference or hostility which prevents our hearts and spirits from fully embracing You as Lord over us. Give us a deeper desire to honor and worship You. Help us to “rejoice exceedingly with great joy” in seeing You.

Lord Jesus, the nations have been coming to worship You even since You were a child. Thank You for continuing to lead people to Yourself in ways beyond our understanding and imaginations. Thank You for bringing many brothers and sisters with vibrant faith into countries where the Church has been stagnant or declining. Use the movement of people to awaken, revive and strengthen Your people.

Ask God how else to pray.

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