The power of a movie

There are many resources that we have at our disposal when witnessing to our unreached friends about Jesus. One very powerful tool that God has used over the years is The Life of Jesus Christ. This Monday a group of us will be having a gathering with one, possibly more, Muslim families to break bread together and watch this movie.

Please pray that God would make it possible for these families to attend the event. Pray that God would confirm the truth of his Gospel in their hearts as they watch this film. Pray that there would be a fruitful time of conversation after the film and that these families would be drawn to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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One thought on “The power of a movie

  1. Here is an update! The event almost didn’t happen, due to some confusion, but it did go forward! The family came and we ate dinner and watched the film. They seemed to enjoy it and often conversed in Arabic and English through out. Please keep praying for the family!

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