“They don’t listen”

Recently the pastor’s wife of Karen Baptist Church in Glen Ellyn shared several prayer requests for her church:

1. Pray for the Karen to not neglect meeting together but to encourage each other to love and good works, including on Sundays.  Pray that families will choose to have picnics, go shopping and visit friends on Saturdays instead of Sundays.

2. Pray for those who are struggling with alcoholism, excessive smoking, and violent behavior.  Pray that by God’s grace they might instead treat their own bodies as temples and others with respect.

3. Pray that Karen believers will be slow to be angry and quick to forgive each other, that their unity might be pleasing to the Lord.

4. Pray that when Karen are confronted about these problems, they will not harden their hearts but listen to the Lord’s voice.

5. Please pray for Pastor Soe Rah, his wife Eh Wah and their family to find a new, suitable home where they can live for a while.  Their current apartment has water damage (it’s “wet” Eh Wah says).  They have moved each year since arriving in the States.  Ideally, their new home would allow their sons to go to the same schools they are currently attending.

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