Two meetings

On Tuesday, December 7, TIBM will have two important meetings which will greatly impact the shape of TIBM both in the near future and in the longer run.  We humbly ask for your prayers now and on Tuesday.

First, Cody will be meeting with several of our denomination’s state leaders to discuss various issues which affect TIBM’s relationship with the state association.  Please ask the Lord to direct this discussion and make His presence known.  Pray that Cody and the state leaders will be filled with the Spirit and speak with integrity, humility and gentleness.  Pray that the outcome of this discussion will be the strengthening of God’s kingdom work.

Secondly, TIBM will have a church business meeting (somewhat affectionately known as FunFest 97) in the evening.  While we have these meetings every month, this month we will be discussing our budget for 2011.  Please ask the Lord to give us the wisdom to be good stewards of the finances He has provided.  Pray that we will clearly discern His will together and that we will trust His provision for all our needs.

Please keep praying for TIBM as we continue to seek to obey God’s directions for us.

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One thought on “Two meetings

  1. Thanks for praying! Cody’s meeting with the denominational state leaders seemed to go well; we think there will be positive outcomes. During the TIBM business meeting, we made some important financial and organizational decisions and were able to do so with united spirits.

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