Victory in Jesus!

Tomorrow is an important Nepali festival day, Bijaya Dashami, which literally means “victorious tenth day.”  Just as the once pagan holidays of Easter and Christmas now have strong ties to celebrating truths about Christ, we hope that Bijaya Dashami will someday become known as a celebration of the victory of Christ.

Praise God for His victory over death, Satan, sin, shame and fear!  Thank God for giving victory to us who are in Christ.  Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit, whose fruit in our lives is evidence of God’s amazing power.

Please pray for many Bhutanese Nepalis to honor Christ today and for the rest of the festival by acknowledging His victory over evil.  Pray for many of them to find their joy in celebrating this festival in the Lord rather than in things which will pass away.  Pray that those who follow Christ will seek to honor and strengthen their families in obedience to the Lord.  Ask God to draw many more Bhutanese Nepalis to Himself through dreams, visions, answered prayers, and the testimonies of others.

Please pray for a Christ-centered worship service in Rock Island (Moline area) this weekend.  Ask God to put together the right group of people from our community to attend and help out with this celebration.  Pray that God will give Cody and his translator the right words to speak.  For those Bhutanese Nepalis who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in a way they can understand, may nothing hinder them from going to the worship service.  Ask God to open the eyes of many families to see that Christ is the true conqueror over evil and that salvation and peace with God are found through Him.

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