Waiting for a place to worship

Two of TIBM’s daughter churches began mostly among African diaspora followers of Jesus living in the suburbs: Tensae, which meets in Glen Ellyn, and Calvary International Baptist, which meets in Bolingbrook.  Tensae began among Ethiopians while Calvary began among Ghanaians.

A large number of African diaspora peoples in Chicagoland live in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods of the city itself.  It makes sense for the good news of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed and celebrated in that area among East Africans and West Africans alike.

A few years ago, Tensae wanted to start hosting worship services in Chicago.  Since they were unable to find a meeting place in Rogers Park or Edgewater, Tensae went ahead with Sunday afternoon services in a slightly different location.  That location, however, has proved to be an obstacle to Tensae II’s growth and ability to minister effectively to the Ethiopian community.  Please ask God to provide a more suitable location for Tensae II’s worship services.

Calvary, which had its launch service a little over a year ago, is eager to begin worship services in the city.  Like Tensae, they are looking for a suitable location for worship services.  In order to help avoid becoming a cultural fixture (rather than a spiritual one), Calvary is also wanting to have their services on Sunday mornings.  Please ask God to provide  a suitable location for Calvary to hold Sunday morning worship services.

Please pray that God will move in the hearts of church leaders, storefront property owners, and community center leaders in Rogers Park and Edgewater to share their buildings with Tensae, Calvary, and other churches in similar situations.  Pray that the Lord will advance His kingdom among the African diaspora groups living there.

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