We prepared the soil and planted the seeds. God, give the growth!

One of our families, with the approval of their landlord and the help of friends, recently started a community garden at their apartment building.  Besides loving their neighbors in a very practical way, the family hopes the garden will provide more opportunities to talk and, at times, have spiritual conversations.

It was hard work and costly to clear the area, set up the beds and shovel in good soil.  Seeds have been planted, but there aren’t any vegetables yet.  In fact, to be honest, the family doesn’t know if there will be vegetables this summer or not.  But they are hopeful.

Can you see where this is going?

Please do pray that this community garden will be well received by the neighbors.  Pray for hearts to be softened toward this family and the One they serve.  Pray that what is planted will grow well.

But please also pray for the metaphorical seeds which have been planted in metaphorical soil.  This family and the rest of TIBM have prayed for years for hearts to welcome Christ.  At times we have seen people draw closer to Jesus and other times we have seen people (sometimes the same people) move farther away.  Recently, one of us had a unique opportunity for interfaith dialogue in front of an intent audience about Jesus’s resurrection.  Pray that the Spirit will remind people of Truth for years to come.  Pray that the Word of God presented that day and on the many occasions TIBM-ers have shared would lead to many more people living abundantly.

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