Welcome, Jamie and Kendra!

This week, TIBM welcomes two summer interns, Jamie & Kendra.  Both attend college in Mississippi and connected to us through their campus ministries.  We are looking forward to following Christ alongside them this summer. Like the many other TIBM summer interns before them, Jamie & Kendra will be participating in various kinds of work, including research, teaching English, and discipling youth.

Please ask God to prepare Jamie & Kendra spiritually and logistically.  Pray that they will embrace humility, integrity and simplicity as they minister among diaspora peoples.  Pray that God will protect them from spiritual attacks.  As Jamie and Kendra get a taste of being people on the move for the summer, please pray that the Lord will give them gracious, flexible and willing attitudes and the ability to quickly adjust to cultural differences. May the skills and experiences they gain this summer have long lasting impact in their own lives and among the nations. Pray that as the Lord speaks to them this summer, they will have the boldness to obey.

Please pray that God will give our team unity in His Spirit. Pray that we will use our gifts freely to encourage and build each other up. Pray that God will help us to work well together, extending grace and forgiveness. May the unity and love we have for each other be evidence to others of God’s presence in our lives.

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