Welcoming visitors from Kansas City, MO

This coming week, we welcome some brothers and sisters in Christ from Kansas City, MO.  They connected with TIBM when Cody spoke at a nearby school about some of the work that we do.  This group has an awareness of some of the people God has brought from all over the world to their city.  Over this next week, we will be sharing our experiences and knowledge in hopes that they may be better equipped to serve the diaspora community in Kansas City.

Praise God for bringing us together in fellowship.  Please pray that the group will have safe and pleasant travels. This group will hit the ground running with our all night prayer time so please ask God to give them physical, mental and spiritual energy throughout the intense week.  Pray that TIBM will effectively equip these brothers and sisters in basic steps in identifying and researching diaspora people groups and in building bridges between their cultures and God’s Word.  Pray that our week together will lead to more long term partnering and fruitfulness for God’s kingdom in Chicagoland, Kansas City and beyond.

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One thought on “Welcoming visitors from Kansas City, MO

  1. Thanks for praying! The Lord moved in the hearts of the group from Kansas City to take steps to mobilize their church to become more aware of and involved with the diaspora peoples around them. They already have a major event, including an extended prayer time, planned for the weekend of Sept 6-7. Praise God!

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