What will God do through a volunteer team?

This week, a volunteer team of mostly youth from another church in Illinois is partnering with TIBM.  They have already had a busy weekend and will have a full schedule for the next few days.  Please pray with us that the Lord will do mighty things in and through these volunteers this week that will bear fruit for His kingdom in the months and years to come.  Pray that all of us would maintain our focus on the ways in which God is working and inviting us to join Him in His work.

On Monday, the team will be visiting and prayerwalking in different parts of the city of Chicago.  Pray that their eyes will be open to see what God is doing.  Pray that they will be careful to listen to what God is saying and to be obedient.

On Tuesday, the team will be preparing for several events on Friday –two kids clubs in diaspora-heavy neighborhoods and an international youth group outreach event — as well as enjoying the hospitality of several families who came to the States as refugees.  Ask God to give the volunteers insight and creativity into planning these events.  Pray that the TIBM team (including our summer interns Andy and Ashley) will effectively facilitate this planning process.  Pray that God will speak clearly as the volunteers prayerwalk several possible locations for the kids club.  Ask God to make the dinners with different families a positive experience for everyone.

On Wednesday, the team will continue to prayerwalk and plan for the Friday events.  The volunteers will also spend some time learning about common refugee experiences.  Please pray that the team will continue to grow in these skills and areas of knowledge after they return home.

On Thursday, the team is free to do what they would like.  Pray that they would have a fun time and get enough rest to fully participate on Friday.  Pray that on this tourist-y day, they will not see Chicagoland just as tourists.

Friday is the big day as far as planned events go.  Pray for pleasant weather.  Pray that children who are eager to hear truth will attend the kids clubs.  Pray that the story Jesus told of the good Samaritan will be effectively communicated with the children and will resonate in their hearts.  Ask God to bring youth who want to learn how to follow Jesus to the outreach event.  Ask God stir the hearts of the youth living in darkness to come closer to the light.  Pray that this event will help the International Youth Group grow in number and in maturity.

Please pray that this volunteer team will be faithful to share what they have learned with others.  May the Lord help them walk in obedience.

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One thought on “What will God do through a volunteer team?

  1. Thanks for praying. It was a very busy week! The Friday events were well attended and Truth was shared. We believe we will continue to see some of the “new to us” kids and youth in the future. Please pray that the volunteers would keep asking for God’s blessings on our ministries here.

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