While under attack, we retreat!

Once again, TIBM staff are headed later this week to Cran-Hill Ranch in Michigan for a few days of relaxing and visioning together.  Boy, do we need it!

Our staff has been hit hard by all kinds of attacks meant to hinder and discourage us: setbacks in discipling others, hearts becoming more closed to Christ, illnesses, financial difficulties (even more so than normal), family strife, close relatives diagnosed with major health issues, vehicle troubles….  If only one of these things happened to one of us at a time, it would be difficult enough.  But many of these things are happening to many of us.  We can only cry out to God for help.  Please intercede on our behalf and ask our Victorious Savior to bring us hope and strengthen our faith.  Pray that the Lord will minister to us during the retreat.  Please ask many people to pray on our behalf, that we may have some relief.

It is in this context — where we have been badly battered and bruised — that we will be going on our retreat.  We are excited about the emerging expanded vision for TIBM for the next decade or so.  Please ask the Lord to give us wisdom and clarity.

Something new for the retreat this year is that our group will include people born in four different countries.  The 23 of us have not had a chance to fellowship all together ever before.  We believe this retreat will be an important time of getting to know each other better and hearing each other’s stories.  Please pray that our relationships would grow stronger and more Christ-centered.  Pray that we would use good cross-cultural communication skills.  Pray that even things like the menu will help everyone feel appreciated and comfortable.

Please pray for our safety and for God’s provision for food, transportation and housing.  Due to the larger number of people expected on the retreat, our costs have gone up significantly.  If you’d like to help contribute financially to our retreat, please visit the donation page on our website.

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