Ye iYesus Tsega: the Grace of the Lord Jesus

Some people may think that diaspora missions only involves the Church in a host country reaching out to migrants (tourists, international students, immigrants, etc.) who find themselves in that country.  On the contrary, diaspora missions also involves migrant Christ-followers reaching out to members of their people group around the globe as well as cross-culturally to other people groups.  These Christ-followers who have been scattered from their homelands have much to offer their host country brothers and sisters.  We need both churches of primarily diaspora peoples as well as diaspora individuals to share with the rest of us so that the larger Body may be built up.

To give an example, an Ethiopian sister attending Tensae Church started a ministry with a website to share her family’s testimonies and messages from Scripture.  Some of the resources are in Amharic but others are also in English.  Here is how Aster explains the origin of her ministry, Ye iYesus Tsega:

The thought has its origin in the amazing grace that had sustained my beloved husband, Mesfin Birru Dehnanew, who went to be with the Lord on April 20 2011, after long years of debilitation with chronic illness. Despite the enfeebling illness, my husband regularly went to his office for work, performed all other activities for living and, astonishingly, wore a big smile all the time.

To whoever asked him how he was doing, his answer was always the same: “I’m well and strong in the grace of the Lord.” Indeed, I do not remember any occasion of hearing him grumble against God on account of his illness.

Praise God for the way Aster is seeking to bless and encourage others through recounting how the Lord has worked in her life.  Please pray that many people from various backgrounds will more fully know the grace of the Lord Jesus through this ministry.  Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for her and her children in miraculous ways.

Pray that many more individuals like Aster will have the confidence in the Lord to share their stories and that they will find many brothers and sisters from many nations eager to listen and learn.

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