Youth Soccer and Volleyball Outreach

This week, the International Youth Group will be participating in a soccer and volleyball outreach.  A group of youth from a partner organization will be joining the IYG for a couple days of playing soccer and volleyball with hopefully many other youth from the community.

The partnering youth will also be helping prepare for the outreach by prayerwalking in specific neighborhoods and inviting youth to come.

Typically, volunteer teams working with us spend two and a half days learning with us before engaging in relational ministry.  This time, this team only has a few hours.  Please pray for the partnering youth and their sponsors to quickly catch the vision for International Youth Group.  Pray that their prayerwalking times will be fruitful.  Pray that they will be sensitive to the community’s diversity of cultures and religious traditions.

Please pray for the youth who are currently part of IYG to invite their friends and neighbors.  Pray that many families from the neighborhood will become aware of the IYG meetings.  Pray that especially that immigrant youth who do not attend another youth group will find IYG to be a fun and friendly environment to learn more about following Jesus.

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One thought on “Youth Soccer and Volleyball Outreach

  1. The first day of the soccer outreach was a success! We met many new youth and had a great time hanging out together. Pray for day 2 today as we meet new youth and try to develop relationships with those we already know. Pray for Ashley as she shares with the kids about being made in the image of God and His indescribable love for them. Pray that they will understand that they have value and that they are deeply loved.

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